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What: June pole vault camp, July pole and camp, Fall Weekend camp and a 3 day Winter Camp                                                                      


Who: Male and female vaulters and jumpers of all ages (elementary, middle school, high school, and collegiate) 


Where: Coach Attig's Pole Vault University and Washburn University Track & Field have joined forces to develop one of the best camps in the U.S. for developing pole vaulters.  The weekend camps and winter camp will be held in            the new World Class Indoor Facility at Washburn University.  The Indoor Athletic Facility is located 1785 Durrow Avenue. Turn West off of Washburn Avenue onto Durrow Avenue.  The Indoor Facility is on the left across from  Washburn's Recreation Facility. 


Housing: Housing will be provided in all camps except for the June Day camp.


Director and Coach: Rick Attig – pole vault at Washburn University and former jumps and vault coach at University of Kansas and University of Nebraska.

2015 Inductee to the National Pole Vault Hall of Fame.










Coach Attig:

  •  coached the best Pole Vault Trio in High School History (ave. PR 16’8”).

  •  coached the American High School Record Holder (2016) - 18'4 1/2"

  •  coached the best Pole Vault Trio in Collegiate History (ave. PR 18’5”).

  •  coached the national high school record holder with a PR of 18'4 3/4"

  •  6 NCAA All American pole vaulters in the 2004 & 2005 seasons.

  •  2003 NCAA Outdoor Pole Vault Champion.

  •  2 of the top 3 ranked vaulters in NCAA in 2005.

  •  12 male vaulters over 18 feet and 10 female vaulters over 13’.

  •  48 Big 8/12 conference champions.

  •  coached Kansas and Nebraska athletes to 47 All American performances.

  •  coached athletes to 8 National championships, and 2 NCAA record holders.

  •  Olympian Scott Huffman, former American record holder.

  •  Served as the National Pole Vault Development Chairman.

  •  Wrote the USA Track & Field Pole Vault Manual and developed 5 videos on the Pole Vault.

  •  Wrote a drills book on the jumping events and developed 3 jumps videos.

  •  Jumps for the North Team at the USA Olympic Festival.

  • ​​is certified USA Track & Field Master Coach in the Jumps and Pole Vault.



Pole Vault University Camps


Pole Vault U Camp Organization:


Coach Attig combines his knowledge of technique, psychology of learning, and the physiology of training to create an effective learning atmosphere.  The topics of the lectures will be selected to match the theme of the camp.  Each topic will prepare the campers for a specific task that is an integral part of the next vault / drill session.  The following are some of the past topics used in some of the past camps:

  • The Ground Phase of the Vault 

  • The Off-Ground Phase of the Vault 

  • The 3C's of Speed in the Pole Vault 

  • The Top 10 Biomechanical Priniciples in the Pole Vault 

  • The 4C's of Learn How to Pole Vault

  • The PHD's of Developing Pole Vault Technique

  • Developing Your Confidence / Belief

  • Finding Motivation 

  • The Anatomy of an Upset  

  • A Set of Attitudes for Greater Altitude

  • The Success Formula for Athletic Success 

  • The GET SET Principles for Designing a Training Program 

  • The Seven Principles of Training 

  • Power Training for the Vaulter

  • Speed Development in the Pole Vault

  • Visualization 

  • Surge Training for Power in the Pole Vault 

  • Nutrition for the Serious Pole Vaulter 

  • and many more.....


The practice session will use split sessions of drills, testing, and vaulting.  During the vaulting portion of the practice session, the vaulter will be incentivized to correctly execute specific skills before advancing to another skill.  Coach Attig's PHD system of mastering technical skills will be used when appropriate.  


The drill sessions are set up in a progressive manner, from simple to complex, slow to fast, and from the most important skills to less important.  One of the goals of the drill session is to develop a greater feeling for the cues used to trigger a specific skill.  The campers are encouraged internalize the drill and visualize that feeling in the actual vault.


Testing of physical skills are used to show the camper which area of physical skill development should take priority in their personal training program.  The tests will evaluate skills such as, speed, takeoff power, shoulder and abdominal strength, pulling strength, and pushing power.  


Each camper will get a detailed video analysis of his or her vaulting technique.  The video analysis sessions are also set up to enhance the athlete's ability to analyzed their own technique.    


Past Results:


These camps have aided in the development of vaulters from all parts of the United States and other countries such as; Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Ecuador, France, Brazil, Turkey, and Russia. In our last camp in July of 2015 we had athletes from 13 different states and two athletes from Turkey.  Coach Attig’s camps have helped develop numerous state placers and State Champions, NCAA All-Americans, NCAA Recordholders, American Recordholders, National Champions and Olympians.  


All camps Will:


  • Focus on all phases of the vault (except for the ATP session).

  • Provide the poles for all campers (10’6” poles to 16’poles).

  • Expose the campers easy to do drills that they can use when they return home.

  • Develop an appreciation for the importance their mindset during practice and competition.

  • Provide off season and in season training options.

  • Offer many informative lectures.

  • Show videos of World Class Vaulters.

  • Discuss the do’s and don’ts of the college recruiting process. 

  • Provide biomechanical video analysis of each camper. 

  • Showcase Coach Attig’s new SI Device (a new innovation in pole vault training)

  • Give the athletes an informative camp booklet and a great looking t-shirt.






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