Evening Pole Vault Camp


Due to facility issues we will no be holding evening sessions until October.  Check with us again in October


PVU’s Evening Pole Vault Camp Sessions are designed for the athletes of all ages and abilities and is limited to a small number of athletes.  Video analysis will be used to evaluate technical deficiencies.  Drills will be prescribed based on each individual's technical flaws.  When an athlete is ready to vault for height he or she will use coach Attig's PHD system for transferring the skills developed during drills into vaulting skills.


Date: Weekday evenings or weekend when facilities are available.  Always check the home page for the days and times of availability for that week. 


Athletes' cost: $25 cash or check (payable to Pole Vault University)

Application: Complete the online application for the Evening Camps, along with the medical history, physical and waiver.


If you have already completed a medical history and a physical for a recent or future camp you will not need to do them again, just the online application and the waiver will be enough. 


One application will be sufficient for all evening camp sessions.

Enter a phone number on your application that you want to use for communication purposes.  You will be added to the PVU Evening Campers group through the GroupMe App.  


PLEASE LET ME KNOW (the day before or by 8:00 am the day of the session )THROUGH GroupMe IF YOU ARE COMING - If no one indicates that they are coming I will not be there.  


Departure time for this pole vault camp: Each camp session will last for an hour and a half.  


General Information:


1. What to bring:  water bottle, workout gear, running shoes, spiked shoes(optional).  We supply poles. 

2. All campers must be covered by a family health and accident insurance policy. Please note company and policy number on the application.


3. Please fill out the application completely and bring it with you. You cannot participate in the camp without all of the proper signatures.


4. A copy of this year’s physical will be acceptable instead of the physicians statement.

5. Please let me know prior to 8:00 am the morning of the evening session if you are coming.  If no one indicates that they are coming I will not be there.

6.This camp admits all qualified applicants without regard to disability, race, color, religion, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

      For Further Information: (phone) 785-840-8722 or polevaultU@gmail.com

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