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ATP-Gold Pole Vault Camp

ATP Gold Medal Camp  July 14 - 18 2024:


A perfect camp for a better 2025 season. This 6 day camp may very well be the best pole vault camp format in the country. The vaulter will start out by developing a strong foundation in the approach, plant and takeoff. During the second part of the ATP Gold camp the vaulter will be able focus on a more efficient swing up, and invert. The campers will get the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time on various forms of swing-up and invert devices. This camp has had numerous vaulters improve by 2 or more feet.

         This camp will provide the athlete with:


•    a detailed emphasis on the most important phases of the pole vault.


•    a SPEED DEVELOPMENT CAMP: This camp has made a significant increase in the speed of a large number of                      vaulters in the 15 past years including an average improvement of .29 in the flying 30m at the 2011 camp.


•    the understanding of how to grip higher and how to avoid breaking poles.


•    a more effective way of swinging up and inverting.


•    better preparation for a higher level of success by the end of the camp. One 11 foot vaulter actually vaulte                               the weekend following the ATP Gold Pole Vault Camp.


  This camp is only available to a limited number of vaulters.



Date: July 14 - 18, 2024


Coaches' cost: $300 


Athletes' cost: $625 hotel provided,      $540 for commuters

Application & Payment: Click Camp Application Tab above

Application Deadline: Since the numbers are limited, apply as soon as possible. No Applications are guaranteed one week prior to the camp.


Check-in time & check-in location for this pole vault camp: Check in at 12:00 pm on the first day of camp at the Indoor Athletic Facility at 1785 Durow Rd. on Washburn University's campus.

Check-out time & location: Check out at 12:00 pm on the last day of camp at the same location as check-in.

General Information:


1. What to bring:  workout gear, running shoes, spiked shoes(optional), toiletries, towels, pen, and notebook


2. Meals - Breakfast is provided by the hotel.  Campers will purchase their own lunch and dinner.  They will be transported    to and from local Restaurants.


3. Campers must make arrangements for their own transportation to and from the camp. Transportation to and from         the track and restaurants will be provided.

4. Housing will be provided at the Springhill Suites 2745 SW Fairlawn Rd. Topeka, KS 66614. 


5. If a camper arrives a day early or leaves a day late he/she must make their own reservations for a hotel.

6. All campers must abide by the camp rules. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from camp activities or the camper     may be sent home without refund.


  For Further Information: (phone) 785-840-8722 or

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