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                                  Fall (November)  Pole Vault Camp

The fall camp is a great way to compress, into a short period of time, both knowledge based sessions (lectures) and physical based training sessions.  The lectures and discussions will prepare the athletes for a more efficient learning environment and will focus on developing a more effective internal style of concentration.  The November camp will present different (as seen below) training phase of developing pole vault technique, a mental skill, and a physical skills.  The lecture topics, drills, and organization are invaluable tools for coaches to use in developing their vaulters.

BEGINNERS (meaning you have never vaulted before) are welcome but will have to come in at 9:00 am Saturday morning to develop the basics before doing the rest of the camp.  Please call Coach Attig (at bottom of page) and let him know that you are a beginner.  If no one indicates that they are a beginner he will not be there for the 9:00 am beginner's session. 


Fall and Winter of 2023 Dates:


        November 18 & 19, 2023

        December 28, 29 & 30, 2023 (see Winter Camp for more information)

Examples of lecture topics at the Fall and Winter Camps:


          Technical Training                         Mental Skills                                        Physical Skills

   4 Basic Biomechanical Principles      Big Picture of Success (goals)             Speed Development

   Creating a High Velocity Approach    Concentration (Tech. & Perform.)        Strength / Power Development

   PTO - Convert Speed into Perform.   Believing in Myself                               Stamina (Work Capacity)

  Transition into a Powerful Swing-up    Mental Toughness                                Nutrition  &  Speed

   Creating a High Velocity Pushoff        Attitude Set for Achieving DREAMS    Pre-meet Mental & Physical Warmup

This fall camp offers:

• 3 lectures which will provide the knowledge needed for continued progress.

• 4 vault sessions & 4 drill & Test sessions.

• Video analysis for each athlete

• A sound estimate of what size of pole to use for next season.


Application & Payment: Click Camp Application Tab above. Payment will appear as though you are buying a ticket.

Coaches cost: $100

Athletes cost: $320 with Hotel, $260 for commuter

Application Deadline: Since the numbers are limited, apply as soon as possible. No Applications are guaranteed four days prior the camp.


Check in time & location: Check-in at 12:30 pm.  Check-in  at Washburn University's Indoor Athletic Facility at 1785 SW Durow Road on Washburn University's Campus.  Turn West off of Washburn Avenue onto Durow Road which leads right to the indoor facility which is on the south side of Durow Road.

Housing: Is arranged for the campers - They will be staying at the Springhill Suites Topeka Southwest

                                                                                                           2745 SW Fairlawn Road  (785-596-9650)


Departure time & location: The campers will depart at 5:00pm from the indoor track. 


Confirmation Email:  After completing your online application in Washburn's Athletic Ticket Office you will receive a confirmation email confirming your registration into the camp. 


General Information:

1. What to bring:  workout gear, running shoes, spiked shoes(1/4" pyramids), toiletries, towels, pen, and notebook. 


2. Campers will pay for their own meals (breakfast is free at hotel). We will transport the athletes to local restaurants.  

3. Campers must make arrangements for their own transportation to and from the camp. Transportation is

    provided during the camp.

4. Housing - We arrange housing at the Springhill Suites at 2745 SW Fairlawn Road in SW Topeka (785-596-9650)

5. All campers must abide by the camp rules. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from activities or the camper         may be sent home without refund.



Two Day Camps (Saturday to Sunday)


12:00      Check-in (eat an early lunch)

1:00        Lecture – "Mental Skill”

2:00        Vault / Drill and Video Sessions

5:00        Dinner (eg.  Subway, Jason's Deli, Wendy's, Planet Sub etc. )

6:15        Lecture – “Pole Vault Technique and Biomechanical Principles”

7:00        Vault / Drill and Sessions

10:00      End of session




7:00        Wake up

7:30        Breakfast

8:30        Learn by Doing – Meet prep

9:00        Vault / Drill and Video Sessions

12:00      Lunch

1:30 pm   Lecture

2:30 pm   Vault and Drill Session

5:00 pm   Camp Ends


For Further Information: (phone) 785-840-8722 or


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